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Tools N°2 – To Weave


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Tools N°2 – To Weave – The second issue of the annual magazine that promotes know-how and technique in design, craft or industry, dedicated to weaving.

Through a historical assessment, reports from factories, the deciphering of savoir-faire, and iconic objects, Tools offers an enquiry into the weavings of yesteryear and the current day, by paying particular attention to those who produce the cult objects of our everyday life and thus convey the histories behind our shared imagination.
Tools magazine is the brainchild of Clémentine Berry, who also founded the Twice art direction studio in Paris. This annual publication aims to simultaneously promote and investigate the details of manufacturing techniques and expertise used in art, design, interior architecture, industry and trade. Each issue focuses on a particular technique (moulding, folding, etc.), and the theme is used to select feature subjects and pieces, as well as the persons interviewed. Tools is crafted as a comprehensive inventory of design techniques. Weaving together past and present, it draws on history to illustrate how techniques have been handed down through the ages, paying homage to the creators behind the cult objects we use in our everyday lives, and whose work embodies the stories that lie at the very genesis of our shared human ingenuity.
  • date of publication : September 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 248 p.
  • format : 21 x 30 x 3
  • binding : paperback, softcover
  • publishers : Tools Magazine
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