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Topoï is the graphic journal of Claire Nicolet, painter and drawer. Day after day, by associating drawings and short text, she organizes in her own way the wasteland that is our world.

The first volume of this anthology is devoted to plants. Continuous breath, breathing or opening towards the strange, vegetation gives rhythm to the reading of Topoï. In some pages, it seems to engulf the traces of a deserted city; elsewhere, its presence appease and cheer up. It quietly punctuates the drawings, or fills in the thumbnails, becoming motifs, silhouettes and decorations.

By proposing a visit in this garden of images, we hope to share this disturbing sensation: to see the world through Claire Nicolet’s eyes and to think about it with her words – as if the motifs of a topographical map invaded the world they represent.

  • date of publication : september 2019
  • format : 15 x 21
  • impression : offset
  • tirage : 650 copies
  • ISBN : 9791095369103
  • publishers : Trainailleur
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