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Ventoline #5


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Ventoline #5 – Ventoline is a music fanzine written and illustrated by women.

Ventoline is a music-loving, dilettante and polymorphous creature who never leaves her den at a fixed time. Today we have reached the fifth episode of her adventures, not without problems but with a lot of reiterated joy and, as always, food and drink: anti “folklore of the future” manifesto, junk exoticism, dancehall reggae in London in the 80’s, Flesh of the Hen blind test, gothic flyers, sea cucumber disc-jockey, country rarities reissue. … and more and more drawings that speak for themselves, so that we don’t always know who we’re dealing with. A feminist music fanzine interested in images? A graphic magazine interested in music without the male point of view? A collective blog on newsprint? A typographic catalog in disguise? Ventoline prefers to quote Régine: “I don’t give a damn / About the stories, the legends / All I ask of them / Is that they don’t ask too much of me / I don’t give a damn […] Yet there’s no need to call me!”

The contributors to this fifth issue are Mara Krastina, Sofie Vandevoorde, Le Collectif La Crue, Sarah Vadé, Catherine Guiral, Amanda Lipman, Sonia Terhzaz, Cassidy McGinley, Fanny Quément, Morgane Le Ferec, Dagmar Anita Binge, Victoria Palacios, Anouk Ricard.

  • date of publication : March 2023
  • language : FR
  • pages : 48 p.
  • format : 27 x 18 x 0.3
  • impression : Offset
  • tirage : 2000 copies
  • binding : staple
  • publishers : Brigade Cinophyle
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